Saturday, February 22, 2003

That puppet of the United States, Hans Blix, has ordered me to destroy my Al Samoud 2 missiles because their range exceeds limits unlawfully imposed by the UN. Bummer. I really liked those things. We were almost ready to fit them with chemical warheads!

Um, I mean IF we had chemical warheads, which of course we don't, because I have respect out the wazoo for the UN and their illegal bullying tactics, THEN and only THEN would we have been ALMOST ready to fit them with our non-existent chemical warheads which we don't have. Got it?

Then again, Blix didn't say how we should destroy them. And if we were to launch them at a target, and they were to explode on impact, that would destroy them, right? Yes, that is a technicality, but I have been watching a lot of American legal dramas, so I know how to manipulate the system. And if I were to take out a second mortgage on one of my palaces, I could probably hire Johnnie Cochran to defend me. Hell, he got that other lunatic killer off, and that guy even had DNA evidence working against him.

I better go stock up on really small gloves that don't fit.