Tuesday, April 15, 2003

Several loyalists, including teresashobbies and bjprice, have inquired about the whereabouts of my Information Minister. Truth is, I often wondered about his loyalty to me. I mean let's face facts: He was the only man in all of Iraq who did not have a mustache! With someone like that, you have to wonder whether he prefers boy camels or girl camels, if you catch my drift. But in the end, he proved his love for me....

Um, I mean he proved his, um, loyalty to me. Yeah, that's the ticket: Loyalty. Just pure, good old-fashioned, totally platonic, loyalty. Turns out he even has his own fan club and website now!

Anyway, last I heard, he had capitalized on his fine reputation for fact checking and gotten a highly respected position in the field of journalism. Yes, he's now working for the Weekly World News.