Thursday, May 15, 2003

A Heidi F. asks: Just wondering how you feel about this new song. And, should you begin creating music of your own, how do you feel about the world of file-sharing?

Well, Heidi, I continue to be amazed by my multi-talented former Minister of Information. I am glad he is keeping himself busy with various projects, provided he understands that he will have to come back to work for me once I resume power in Iraq, put those uppity loudmouth Shiites back in their place, and launch my invasion of America.

As far as the file sharing is concerned, it is the same as stealing. Those who do it are no better than common thieves, much like the looters that continue to roam the streets of Baghdad. I would never, ever engage in such a practice, just as I would never build never build weapons of mass destruction or gas entire villages of Kurds.

In an unrelated matter, has anyone seen my MP3 player?