Friday, June 20, 2003

I know the United States has one of those election things coming up next year. So to get a better feel for what Americans are thinking, I have added a new poll. Please take it, for I truly care about what all of you thinking COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH GASP COUGH COUGH!!!!!!

Almost choked on my words. But don't worry; I'm okay now!

Here are the top results for the previous "What did Saddam do with his (alleged) weapons of mass destruction?" poll:

548 of you think they are on temporary loan to Syria.

180 of you idiots.... Um, loyal followers actually believe I destroyed them in compliance with United Nations resolutions.

166 of you think I hid them in my shorts. Good guess, but that's NOT the reason it's crowded down there.

And on the question of "Where's Saddam?":

241 of you think I'm still in the Mosul bus station.

149 of you think I'm living in a villa in France, and sharing hookers with Jacques Chirac.

74 of you believe I'm in Russia doing vodka shooters with President Vladimer Whathisname.

I'll leave the new poll up by itself through next week, at which point it will go into rotation with the previous two.

So please do vote. Really. I value your opinions almost as much as I value a big steamin' pile of camel crap.

Have a nice day.