Monday, July 21, 2003

I see that the devil's head disciple, Paul Bremer, says that I'm probably alive and probably hiding in Iraq!!! WOW!!! Did he figure that one out on his own?!?! What gave it away? No wonder this guy gets paid the big bucks! Why, I'll bet he's even a college graduate! Possibly even a member of Mensa! A rocket scientist!!

Well, okay, maybe he is too smart to be a rocket scientist....

The fact is that yes, I may still be alive, and yes, I may be hiding in Iraq. How's that for confirmation?

And despite what some misinformed people may think, I am most certanly NOT hiding in a rat-infested sewer.

----------Larry Wright Detroit Daily News

Between you & me & the keyboard, I'm hiding in a rat-infested garbage dump!!