Wednesday, July 30, 2003

Reader and loyal disciple Tung writes: Your Saddamness, I don't know if you read the infidel newswires, but I saw this story (about the audiotape you just released). "The speaker also called the deaths of Odai and Qusai 'good news, that is the hope of every fighter for God's sake, as another group of noble souls of the martyrs have ascended to their creator.'" I don't know who this idiot is who claims to be you, but he sounds really stupid. I mean, it sounds like he and the infidels are after the same goal -- the death of you and all of your supporters.

Er, that is, I'm assuming the tapes are NOT you. After all, why would you need to release tapes when you've got your blog?

Well, first of all thank you for writing, Tung. It is truly brave of you to commit such a public act of suicide, for that tape was indeed me!

Look, I am a very talented, multi-faceted artist who does not like to confine his work to merely one medium. You get pigeonholed quite easily that way, and once you're pigeonholed, it's much easier for the unholy Coalition forces to reach in and grab you by the cahones. In my case, that would still be difficult, since I have enormous cahones. They're the size of basketballs. Except kind of greasy, so they're hard to grip. Still, I don't want to take the chance.

Nevertheless, I appreciate your feedback. I haven't shot anyone all day.