Friday, July 04, 2003

Those of you who still have your long term memories more or less intact may recall that some time ago I complained about some problems the people were having with their archiving functions. In order for the archives to display correctly, I had to reset my time zone to PST even though I'm actually halfway around the planet from there. Now don't misunderstand me; I love the people of the PST. Some of my most loyal supporters in America live in the PST. That hotbed of anti-American sentiment, Hollywood, is in the PST!!! So I absolutely love the PST!! In fact, some day I plan on ruling it! But I'm getting ahead of myself.....

Anyway, they have finally corrected the problem and I have reset my time zone to reflect my true location.... Or maybe not. Who knows? Certainly not the Americans!!!


Consequently, I have released the Blogger programmers. Well, at least the ones that are still alive.