Tuesday, August 05, 2003

A jacobskie writes: "Highness: I've been watching closely as the forces of law and order have been keeping playing cat and mouse with you for the last months. We all know about the Iraqi advances in science, and also know of your clones. Many have seen them on TV recordings before the war. My questions are: aren't you afraid that they may catch one of your clones and claim he is you?Besides, how do YOU know that you are really Saddam and not one of his thousends of clones? If you're THE ONE, do you plan to start the Jihad and call it "Episode II: The Saddam Clone Wars" ? Please forgive my insolence, sanctity...."

No forgiveness is necessary, Mr. Jacbskie. I like the way you suck up to me, using words like "highness" and "sanctity." After looking those words up in the dictionary, I see that they are complimentery.... Or do I mean complimentary?


It actually doesn't matter whether I am the original Saddam or a clone. You see, that's the whole point of clones! Plus, it makes foursomes with the Dixie Chicks much more interesting!

Now I suppose if you keep cloning clones from clones clone after clone, then at some point they'll start to look fuzzy around the edges. But that is not a concern yet.

I like your title suggestion, but I know George Lucas is VERY protective of his intellectual property. And quite frankly, he's one guy even I won't f*ck with!