Saturday, August 30, 2003

You know what I find absolutely hilarious about that Shiite Mosque that was blown up in Najaf? Besides the fact that it was Shiite, I mean.... Some weeks ago the Shiites had demanded that the US pull back and respect the holiness, sacredness, sanctity, and all that kind of stuff, of their religious sites. So the US, because they were trying to be nice (Big mistake: You can NOT, under ANY circumstances, be nice to Shiites), did so.

Now that the mosque has been blown up, the Shiites are criticizing the Americans for not providing proper security of their religious crap!!!! HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!! I'm sorry, but this is just TOO funny!

Someone should tell Alanis Morissette about this. Maybe she can use it when she corrects all the non-ironic situations in her song "Ironic?"