Tuesday, September 30, 2003

Well, well, well.... If the White House gets itself in any more hot water than it already is, it will feel like a turkish bath in that place.

Remember Joseph Wilson? He's the diplomat who discredited the reports that I had been trying to buy yellow pancake mix from Niger so I could build my own personal collection of nuclear warheads. Apparently someone in the White House got so upset that his report didn't support the Administration's invasion of my unarmed, powerless nation that they decided to leak the fact that Wilson's wife was some sort of hush-hush operative in the Central Infidel Agency. Now only was this petty act of retribution (which I admire because it's the type of thing I would do) a felony, but it potentially endangered her life, as well as the lives of her contacts.

Now this whole fiasco is being investigated by the Justice Department.

I am trying EXTREMELY hard not to bust a gut laughing, since it might give away my position.

----------Mike Luckovich, Atlanta Journal-Constitution