Saturday, October 18, 2003

Bush and Powell are claiming major success in the United Nations, but why? No one else is sending troops to reinforce the Americans, and there is vast disagreement over what kind of financial aid should be offered. So then what, exactly, is the victory?

Even worse, the New York Yankees are in the World Series AGAIN!!! What is this, their 108th appearance since 1881? Does anyone think that there's a single person outside of New York who gives a pile of camel dung that the Yankees are in it? I seriously doubt it.

Now if it had been the Cubs and the Red Sox, then that's something the rest of the world would have been interested in. Of course, the chances of such a matchup ever happening are about the same as the chances of a successful democratic society taking root in Iraq.

When I take over the United States, I shall ban the Yankees from all future World Series for the next 50 years.

Give someone else a chance to play, for crying out loud!