Saturday, October 25, 2003

The Florida Marlins won last night and are now one game from beating the evil New York Yankees. Consequently, I've been wearing my "ABTFNYY" hat all day.

But the other big news item of the day is that a US Senate Committee has concluded that the case against me was "overstated."

Well.... DUH!!!

Most of the problem seems to center on a 100 page "National Intelligence Estimate" that was put together in October of last year. This NIE consisted of reports from assorted intelligence agencies regarding the threats posed by my humble little country, not only at that time but during an actual war and subsequent occupation. The problem is that these NIE things usually take up to a year to properly assemb; this one was thrown together in three weeks.

So the question now becomes: Was this report simply a failure of the intelligence community, or was it deliberately tailored to fit the White House's expectations?

This whole situation kind of reminds me of a Roadrunner cartoon. Naturally, I'm the Roadrunner, always evading the various traps laid out for me.

And the White House and Pentagon are the coyote. Every little plan to catch me keeps blowing up in their faces.

But that's what happens when the Acme corporation supplies your intelligence information.

Oh.... And in case you're wondering what the "ABTFNYY" on my hat stands for: Anyone But The New York Yankees.