Friday, October 10, 2003

Loyal reader and infidel without a life because he spends all day on his stupid computer reading blogs rlpekrul asks if I have any suggestions about how the illegal occupiers should deal with the Shiites. rlpekrul is concerned that if the Americans start killing Shiites themselves, then the Shiite population may become depleted, thereby depriving me of my favorite hobby when I make my triumphant return to Baghdad.

First of all, I don't normally discuss military strategy with total strangers. For all I know, rlpekrul is actually Donald Rumsfeld. If such is the case, let ME ask YOU a question, Rummy: Now that your role in Iraq has been diminished and Condi Rice is in charge of the operation, how does it feel to be working for a woman!?! Is she making you use coasters? HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!

What a wuss....

Anyway, where was I? Oh, right, Shiites.... I will say that this doesn't concern me. Shiites are like cockroaches in that there are always more of them. Even if the Americans do begin killing Shiites by the hundreds, more will crawl out from underneath the refrigerator the moment the lights are turned off.

So no, I'm not concerned that there might not be any left for me to shoot.

But thanks for asking.