Wednesday, October 22, 2003

There are few things I enjoy more in life than a good Bush-bashing cartoon. That's why the future position of Minister of Cartoons is, quite frankly, a toss-up between Gary Trudeau and Aaron McGruder.

For those of you not familiar with Aaron's work on my behalf, he draws the comic strip "Boondocks." I am a faithful reader of his daily contributions to anti-Americanism, and quite frankly, there are times I am amazed by the size of his cahones.

And last week, Aaron had them on full display as he went after Condoleeza Rice. Unfortunately, the Washington Post decided decided to censor his work and did not run the six installment series. Quite frankly, I was surprised to read of this since the very liberal Post is usually in the forefront of Bush-bashing.

As a public service to my vast readership, I have compiled the strips in question into a single location and you may view them here.