Friday, November 14, 2003

I am deeply touched by all the recent outpouring of love, affection, and adulation being directed in my direction. First, Mr. Rumsfeld continues to express interest in meeting me. In fact, he has dispatched 125,000 emissaries to Iraq in an effort to track me down. Not an easy task, however, as my work requires I move around a lot. Then yesterday, someone sent me my very own link button! How touching is that?!? And now today, Norman Geras has published an interview which he recently conducted with yours truly as we cruised through the streets of Mosul looking for chicks. And while we didn't have any luck finding women, I did introduce Norm to the joys of goat sex:

1) You don't have to buy them dinner first.

2) They never ask to "just cuddle."

3) No constant yakking in your ear while you concentrate on channel surfing.

4) You don't have to remember to put the toilet back down.

5) And if the two of you ultimately decide to move in together, you don't have to worry about silly frou-frou crap like doilies and coasters.

6) A steady supply of healthy, lowfat goat milk.