Friday, November 21, 2003

Okay, let me distance myself from these most recent attacks in which rockets were launched from donky-carts. Now you must understand that while I provide inspiration to my valiant troops and provide them with general guidance, much of the actual day-to-day operational planning and project executions are left to others. I just show up for meetings, say a few words, smile, shake hands, plant manly kisses on other mens' cheeks, wave, and slit a throat or two. Then I'm outta there.

Think of Dilbert's boss, only with a mustache.

So that's why I'm saying I didn't know about the specifics of these latest attacks involving donkey carts. Please understand that while I am ambitious, I am also prudent.

I am not afraid to take on the full might of the United States military, and I consider the United Nations to be a bunch of wusses. However, one thing I will NOT do is piss off the PETA people.

Even I know my limitations.