Saturday, May 22, 2004

---------------Mike Luckovich, Atlanta Journal Constitution


I am pleased to see that that lying sack of camel crap Ahmed Chalabi is in serious trouble with the Americans. If there is any justice in this sick, twisted world of ours, they will drag his fat Shiite ass off to prison, strip him naked, and have a woman point at his genitals.

Of course, she'll probably need a microscope to find them.

That fat f*ck, more than anyone else, is the one most responsible for my current legal problems. He and his so-called National Iraqi Congress supplied the infidels with false information about my non-existant weapons of mass destruction. Then he convinced Bush, Cheney, and Rumsfeld that the only way to disarm me of all these non-existant weapons of mass destruction was to invade my peaceful country and remove me from power.

HA!!!! Well, the whole frikkin' world can see how well that little plan worked out!!

Any other bright ideas, Mr. Fat Butt?

The whole thing was nothing more than a power grab by Chalabi. He thought he could use the Americans to basically pull off a coup and install him into power. Now why he thought this stupid plan would work, I have no idea. He and his family fled Iraq some 45 years ago, and he hasn't lived here since. And he thought he would be welcomed by the Iraqi people with open arms? He's a frikkin' foreigner, for crying out loud!!! He'd be lucky to land a job operating a leaf blower for a lawn service company!!! Especially since Iraq is frikkin' desert, and no one has lawns in the first frikkin' place!!!