Saturday, July 10, 2004

By now I'm sure you've all heard of that Senate report which lists the Central Infidel Agency's blunders which led to the invasion of Iraq. Basically it accuses the CIA of "group think," and automatically working from the assumption that I had weapons of mass destruction. Rest assured that the next time I'm in court, I'm going to dramatically wave a copy of the report over my head, introduce it as "Defense Exhibit A," and slam it down on the table in front of the prosecutors.

Then I'll move for a mistrial.

---------------KAL, Baltimore Sun

What puzzles me about this latest indictment of the Bush Administration's policies is that many pundits are arguing about who the report hurts the most, the CIA or the President!

Uh, hello? There are currently 120,000 foreign troops in my country, more innocent Iraqis have died in the last 15 months than I ever killed in a single day, I'm sitting in a stinkin' jail cell without a gold toilet seat, and people want to argue who the CIA's incompetence hurt the most!?!?!