Monday, August 09, 2004

---------------Mike Keefe, Denver Post


Wonderful news!!! I think my day of freedom just got a little bit closer!!

Remember that fat f*ck, Ahmad Chalabi? He's the lying sack of camel crap that convinced the Americans I had WMD's, and that their armies would be greeted as liberators. Of course, that doesn't mean this war is entirely his fault; after all, he still had to find a United States President, Vice President, and Secretary of Defense STUPID enough to believe him.

Then a couple of months ago Chalabi was accused of giving sensitive information to the Iranians. That had to be just a bit embarrassing for the Americans. But today his sordid tale got even better!!

Now comes word that the temporary puppet government of Iraq has issued a warrant for his arrest. Apparently he was caught with a whole sh*tload of counterfeit dinars in his house!! And if that's not bad enough, a separate warrant has been issued for Salem Chalabi, Ahmad's nephew. No, not for anything stupid like counterfeiting. Nope. Salem's warrant is for murder!!!! And it was Salem, you may recall, who was the SOB in charge of the tribunal that was going to try me for.... MURDER!!! Well, okay, technically there are several hundred thousand counts of murder against me compared to Salem's one, but still, it looks bad.

I mean, let's face it: Salem Chalabi trying me for murder would be almost as absurd as, oh, George Bush attacking John Kerry's war record!!!