Friday, September 10, 2004

My head hurts. Of course, that's to be expected since I've been beating my head against the bars of my cell ever since I heard this latest little tidbit of news.

The infidel congress of America passed a resolution marking the third anniversary of the 9/11 attacks. Now that's all fine and noble. I would have no problem with the move IF it had only stopped there. But, of course, it didn't.

The resolution notes that "since the United States was attacked" on 9/11, "it has led an international military coalition in the destruction of two terrorist regimes in Afghanistan and Iraq."

Excuse me? That kind of makes it sound like I was somehow behind those attacks! And I thought it had been settled a long time ago that I had absolutely nothing to do with it! Even that 9/11 Commission pointed out that it had found no connection between Al Qaeda and me. So why do some people continue to insist that I did?

Granted, I'm a tyrant. And yes, I ran a reasonably brutal dictatorship. And true, I loved to occasionally engage in the mass slaughter of Shiites and Kurds, but who doesn't? Besides, what I do in the confines of my own borders is my own damn business! I mean, have I ever told the United States how to run an election? No, of course not!!

Though lord knows someone should!

Ah, but we are talking about Republicans, though, aren't we? Not only do they go poking into what goes on behind closed borders, they want to dictate what goes on peoples' closed bedroom doors, too!!! So I suppose I really shouldn't be all that shocked.

Here's the best part: The guy who wrote this resolution, Henry Hyde of Illinois, actually said in response to the critics, "there is a direct connection between the war in Iraq and the bombing of Sept. 11."

The people running the damn country have the collective IQ of a sand fly. Is it any wonder the United States is so royally screwed up?