Saturday, October 16, 2004

The American military prides itself on being a highly disciplined fighting force, and I've certainly seen evidence of that, um, "firsthand." So when a platoon in the United States army refuses orders in Iraq, it should be taken as a warning sign of serious problems despite Bush's claims of "everything in Iraq is just great! It's a regular desert paradise! The troops love it! The road to a democratic and free Iraq has a few teeny-tiny potholes, but aside from that, everythings on schedule! They're going to have elections in January! Ignore the suicide bombers in the supposedly secure Green Zone!"

Members of the 343rd Quartermaster Company have refused orders to deliver supplies along a highly dangerous route. They claim that their equipment is unsafe and prone to frequent breakdowns, and that the fuel they were to deliver was contaminated.

There is some question now as to whether the soldiers involved are merely being questioned or are actually being held under armed guard.