Saturday, November 13, 2004

For my 47th birthday my top aids took me to a wonderful place called a Chuck E. Cheese. It was a blast! In addition to having a rare delicacy known as a "pepperoni Pizza," they had many great arcade style games. One of my favorites was called "Whack-A-Kurd." You'd put your dinar in a slot in the front, and then little kurds would pop up out different holes on the machine. As each one would pop up, you'd try to hit him with a big rubber mallet. Of course, each time you nailed one, he'd disappear back into his hole but another would pop up out of another hole! Eventually it grew tedious, however, so I sprayed the whole thing with sarin gas.

Kinda cleared out the restaurant, too.

I bring this up because the current situation in Iraq reminds me of that game. As soon as the Americans go into one city and crackdown on the insurgents, another town falls apart. For example, they have pretty much regained control of Fallujah, but now there are reports out of Mosul that the local police have lost control of the city. Gangs of armed men armed with machine guns and RPG's are strolling about the streets totally unopposed! This news comes on top of similar reports from other Iraqi cities.

I have heard some American critics of the war comparing the current situation to Vietnam. Well, that's silly! First of all, Bush won't understand that comparison because, well, he was never in Vietnam! Secondly, Vietnam had many more trees than Iraq, so the entire landscape is entirely different. You can't compare a sub-tropical rainforest climate with an arid desert environment, you morons!

Though I do appreciate the effort!