Sunday, November 21, 2004

Outgoing infidel Secretary of State Colin Powell says that Iran is trying to build a nuclear bomb.

Gee, really!?!

For it's part, Iran insists that it is using its acquired nuclear technology for peaceful purposes, like generating electricity. Yeah, right. They're sitting on one of the world's biggest deposits of oil and natural gas, and they need nuclear power to run their frikkin's light bulbs?

Even the idiots in the Bush Administration have been able to tell that the Iranians have been lying out their turbans.

And here's the dilemma faced by the United States: There's no other nuclear power in the middle east to offset those crazy Shiites!! Now I could have have done that, if the United States had only decided to let me build my own damn nukes years ago. So I invaded Kuwait! Big deal! If the older Bush hadn't gotten all bent out of shape over that, and let me keep the country, and not slapped all sorts of international sanctions on my ass, I'd ALREADY have my own damn atomic bombs and I could tell the Iranians to knock that sh*t off!

But alas, the US decided to get all self righteous on me, and now there's not a damn thing they can do about Iran. Hell, they can't even invade the country because the Americans are too busy trying to control the assorted insurgencies here in Iraq!! Maybe--just maybe--if they hadn't invaded the wrong dang country, they'd have enough manpower to go into Tehran and kick some Shiite ass.

But as it stands, they don't. And why did the Americans invade me instead? NOT because I actually had nuclear weapons. And NOT because I even had a nuclear weapons program.

No.... They invaded me because I had the desire to have a nuclear weapons program at some distant future date!

Oh please!! Since when is desire an international crime against humanity!?! I mean, what heterosexual male among us has never lusted after some unattainable goal, such as Catherine Zeta-Jones, or had dreams of being the sausage in an Olsen Twins sandwich!?! Of course, we would never admit that to our wives, but that doesn't make us bad men, does it? No, of course not!

So when the "prevention of lust" is the only reason you can come up with as the justification for invading a country, well, that's a sign of desperation.