Monday, February 21, 2005

Did you hear about Mullah Mohammed Naeem? He's some Taliban leader they caught in Afghanistan.

But Saddam, I hear many of you asking. We thought you didn't have any 'meaningful relationships' with the Taliban. What gives?

Excellent question, Mr. Italics. And I still don't have any 'meaningful relationships' with them. Just because I'm mentioning them in a blog entry should in no way be misconstrued as proof of the contacts Cheney kept blathering about last fall during that stupid election campaign.

No, the only reason I bring this story up is because I found it to be absolutely hilarious. Naeem was arrested by Afghan troops who found him--get this--hiding in a well!!!

Oh, right....

I mean, how frikkin' pathetic is that!?! What kind of leader tries to hide from his enemies by crawling into a hole in the ground!?!?!?!