Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Longtime reader, renown legal scholar, and faithful sniveling follower Tung Yin writes:

"Hey Saddam, that bin Laden guy has told that al Zarqawi guy to concentrate on attacking the U.S. directly. Doesn't that mean that Mr. Zarqawi won't be trying to get Iraq back for you?"

That is a common misconception, Mr. Yin, and I am grateful you have provided me with an opportunity to address the matter. By the way, forget filing any more briefs on my behalf. I have found boxers to be much more comfortable.

Let me first say that Zarqawi is operating in Iraq as an independent contractor. As such, he is not entitled to any health benefits, vacation time, or overtime pay. Additionally, he is here uninvited. While I don't mean to sound ungrateful, I have to wonder about Mr. Zarqawi's motivations for offering his services. Is he truly fighting for the liberation of Iraq, or is he one of those religious nutcases like Osama bin Laden or Jerry Falwell? Based on some of what Zarqawi has said, I suspect he's the latter.... In other words, he wants to turn my country into another Taliban dominated theocracy.

By the way, in case anyone wants to use him as an example of my ties to terrorists, do I need to point out that Zarqawi is Jordanian? He didn't show up here in Iraq until AFTER the United States invaded.