Sunday, March 27, 2005

The situation in Kyrgystan--or whatever the hell it's called--continues to detoriate. It's also become yet another example of the failure of democracy: There are now several rival parliaments arguing about which of them is the legitmate one!

That's just plain nuts, and leads to nothing confusion. For example, let's say one parliament decides to go poking its nose into a highly charged family squabble and orders the feeding tube reconnected. Meanwhile, another totally different parliament votes to mind its own damn business, not get involved, and let the state courts settle the matter. And that's not even counting the religious fanatics out on the sidewalk who keep getting arrested for trespassing with a glass of water. So who does the hospice listen to?

If you have a single dictator who is able to consolidate power and kill his opposition, there would be no silly questions about who's in charge.