Friday, April 01, 2005

An additional finding by that commission that investigated the intelligence failures leading to the unlawful, illegal, and highly irregular invasion of my country was that a number of people raised serious questions about the accuracy of the information on my alleged WMD's. Unfortunately, everyone in the Bush Administration was so caught up in the march to war that they refused to listen. In fact, someone called CIA Director George Tenet the night before Colin Powell's big presentation at the U.N. voicing doubts. Tenet replied with something to the effect of "Yeah, yeah. I'm tired, leave me alone."

I can see dozing off and driving off the road into a tree. That happens all the time.

But dozing off, invading a country, destroying your nation's credibility, pissing off all your allies, enraging the entire Muslim world, and causing the deaths of tens of thousands of people?!?!?!

It sickens me to think that this whole mess could have been avoided if someone had only had a second cup of coffee.