Friday, April 01, 2005

If there's one thing those crazy infidels in the United States love, it's commissions, and I'm not talking about the kind used camel salesmen get. I'm talking about the ones that "investigate" things, determine what "went wrong," and then come up with "recommendations."

The Americans appoint commissions for every damn thing. They had a commission that investigated the loss of the space shuttle Columbia. They had one that investigated what went wrong on 9-11. They have commissions that set water and sewage rates. And they just had one that finished working on the intelligence failures leading up to the invasion of my peace loving (well, except for the occasional invasion of helpless neighboring countries) paradise (well, except for the occasional gassing of Kurdish villages) of a nation.

When I ran Iraq, we didn't need no stinkin' commissions. If something bad happened, I would find the person responsible and shoot him. And if I couldn't find the person who screwed up, then I would just shoot someone at random and say he was the one. Generally speaking, that was enough of an incentive to everyone else to NOT f*ck up next time.

But I digress.... The United States appointed some sort of stupid commission to investigate the bad intelligence that led to the invasion. They came out with their report yesterday, and guess what? Their conclusion was that the Iraqi weapons assessments were "dead wrong."

Jesus H. Frikkin' Allah!!!!! The whole world has known that for the last three years, and Bush needed a stupid commission to explain it to him?!?!?!