Sunday, May 01, 2005

Once again investigators in Iraq are making a big fuss over a mass grave in southern Iraq that may contain the bodies of as many as 1500 Kurds. Most of the victims appear to have been women and children.

Yeah, so what? They're dead Kurds, for crying out loud!!! Who cares about dead Kurds!?!?! People in the west need to get over that silly belief that all human life is equally valuable. We're talking about Kurds! There's nothing equal about them. What's that old saying? "The only good Kurd is a dead Kurd." There's a reason Kurd rhymes with turd: They both need to be flushed.

Granted, I'm the one who invented that saying, but does that make it any less true? No, of course not! A truth is a truth is a truth, regardless of who says it.

Why are they digging around for old bodies anyway? Shouldn't they be looking for my weapons of mass destruction? Wasn't that the original justification for the invasion? In fact, this war wasn't supposed to be about finding dead bodies, but about tracking down the WMD's Hans Blix couldn't find! Try to stay focused on the task at hand, people!

Oh, right. It's already been proven that I haven't had any WMD's for almost 15 years.