Thursday, June 02, 2005

France had an integral part in setting up the European Union, and French President Jacques Chirac had invested his nation's international prestige in its creation. But then he made an incredibly stupid blunder: He allowed his citizens to vote on whether to accept the European Union's constitution!!! So what did they go and do? They rejected the proposed constitution!!!

Now let me say at this point that I love Jacques Chirac.... Er, I mean that in a "manly" sort of way, not a romantic one. In other words, I respect him as a leader and an opponent of the Iraq war, but I don't want to make a Paris Hilton style sex tape with him. Got that?

Anyway, my point is that as much as I love him (as a friend), the fact is he's stupid. What the hell was he thinking when he let the French people vote on it!?!?!

This whole fiasco points out one of the classic flaws in a free democracy: The people will go and vote whichever the hell way THEY want to, not the way YOU want them to. It just serves as a further example of why despotism is a far superior form of government.