Thursday, June 23, 2005

I pick on the American President a lot. And I know I make some nasty remarks about his IQ. I feel bad about that; maybe I should pick on something a little larger.

So when it turns out that Bush has finally accomplished something concrete, well, let me be the first to congratulate him. In fact, here's some good news now: According to a new report from the CIA, Iraq is now a terrorist training ground. In fact, there's concern that it may even give rise to better trained terrorists than the 1980's war in Afghanistan, which of course produced Osama bin Laden!

According to the report, the current conflict is producing terrorists trained in making carbombs, carrying out assassinations, and even conducting highly coordinated assaults on targets such as police stations. And once the insurgency ends, these people are expected to disperse throughout the world to wreak havoc!

As you may recall, Bush tried to justify his attack on Iraq by saying that it was a haven for terrorists. Well, it took a while to turn into one, but it looks like he's finally right!