Saturday, June 11, 2005

Sorry I haven't blogged for the last several days, but I found this Paris Hilton hamburger commercial and have been busy watching it over & over & over & over & over.... It finally got to the point where I thought my wrist was going to fall off!

Anyway, what else has been happening in the world? Oh, here's a wonderful item about how more than half of the American public now believes that attacking me was a mistake!

Welcome to the club, folks!! I've been saying that for the last 27 months!! But did anyone bother tp listen to me when I was saying it? No, of course not!!! No one wants to listen to despots even when we do occasionally happen to right.

Not that I'm bitter....

Anyway, this poll also goes on to reveal that a majority of Americans believe that the Iraq war has NOT their country safer, two thirds think the US military is bogged down, and 75% feel the level of casualties is unacceptable.

Too bad the American didn't think of all that before November 2 of last year.