Wednesday, July 06, 2005

The United States military is continuing to have problems meeting its recruiting goals. For several months now, they have continuously fallen short of their quotas. This summer they plan an all-out push to meet not only their regular monthly goals, but to also make up for the past shortfall in numbers.

We occasionally had similar problems here in Iraq, especially during our long war with those cursed Iranians. So whenever our troop levels started getting low, our recruiters would fan out into the cities and invoke cries of patriotism and glory in an effort to get fresh meat for the front lines. And if that didn't work, which it usually didn't, we'd round up some 18 year olds at gunpoint and stick 'em in uniforms.

But the Americans, with their all-volunteer army, don't like to do that. Parents get upset and start writing their congressmen, which is another persistent problem with freedom and democracy. That's why their army is increasing its number of recruiters by 500 and may also end up doubling its signing bonuses.

All very impressive. But if the below photo is any indication, the Americans may be letting their standards slip in their desperation for new manpower.