Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I received the picture on the right via email. It supposedly appeared on Irish TV. All I can say is that I guess the Irish are firm believers in "truth in labeling."

In other news, insurgents have placed a $200,000 bounty on the heads of top Iraqi leaders. I have no particular objection to this, except that if anyone goes after President Talabani in his office, my desk had better not be damaged. If there is as much as a scratch, it's coming out of someone's reward money.

And Tal Afar, the big offensive against insurgents has been surprisingly quiet.

Well, duh!!

It's like I said a few days ago: If you tell the enemy in advance you're about to launch a surprise attack, they're going to leave! What, you think this is like a surprise birthday party, where the recipient somehow finds out about the party and then pretends to be all shocked when he switches on the lights and everyone jumps out from behind the furniture!?!?!?