Monday, November 07, 2005

The riots in France continue to worsen, and have now claimed their first life. The unrest began almost two weeks ago when three Muslim youths were fleeing police. They apparently decided that climbing into an electrical substation filled with cables carrying thousands of volts would be a good way to hide. What seemed like a good idea quickly went south, however, and two of them were killed. The third survived with serious burns.

France does not deserve this. I have been friends with Jacques Chirac for a long time, and on occasion we have even shared wine and hookers. And when Bush was clamoring to invade me three years ago, Chirac was a voice of moderation. For my fellow Muslims to treat their host country--a country which went out of its way to help me evade UN sanctions--this way is outrageous and just plain ill-mannered. It's even worse than eating with your elbows on the table.

And quite frankly, whose fault is it that these youths got themselves electrocuted? I mean, I had some close calls during the nine months the Americans were looking for me, but I never climbed onto high tension wires to elude them! Perhaps it's just the wisdom that comes with age, but I realized that doing that would be an incredibly bad idea.