Friday, December 30, 2005

American teenagers have a reputation for being, shall we say, "dumb." Compared to others of the same age around the world, American teens are less proficient in math, ignorant of history, clueless in geography, less knowledgeable of current events, and unable to properly put on a pair of pants without the damn things hanging below their butts. So I suppose it really shouldn't come as a surprise that 16 year old Farris Hassan took it upon himself to not only travel to Iraq, but he did it without telling his parents.

If he were my kid, I'd ground his ass till he's 55.

Anyway, Hassan first went to Kuwait City, then took a cab to the border. That turned out to be sealed because of the upcoming elections in Iraq. So he took the cab back to Kuwait City, then argued with the driver over the fare. Hassan then took a plane to Lebanon, and from there caught a flight to Baghdad. He managed to make his way to the green zone where he was finally intercepted by the American military.

Now you may wonder why on Earth anyone would do something this stupid. Evidently he's taking some sort of course "immersion journalism," in which the writer basically becomes his subject. It's not clear if this includes running the risk of being kidnapped by jihadists and having your head chopped off, but apparently that's how this moron interpreted it.

Sounds like a really stupid course, if you ask me. Maybe he should study intelligent design instead. It would still be stupid, but at least it won't get him killed.