Saturday, December 10, 2005

The Bush administration has rejected fresh calls by the International Red Cross for full access to all detainees. This comes just as American Secretary of State Condi Rice was finishing up her trip to Europe in which she tried to justify the use of those secret prison camps.

It also comes just a week after the fascinating case of Khaled Masri became public. He's the German citizen who was kidnapped by the CIA, held prisoner, and tortured (allegedly). The authorities eventually figured out they had the wrong guy, and that Masri was completely innocent. The Americans, after realizing their screw up, debated what to do with him. In an attempt to cover up their mistake, the ended up dumping the poor SOB on some back road in frikkin' Albania.

You know, if I had pulled that kind of crap the entire world would have been in an uproar, and I would have been hit with all kinds of sanctions and condemnations.