Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Have you been following the things that have been coming out of the mouth of the new Iranian president? The guy's great!! After he gets out of politics, he should consider a career in standup comedy.

For example, last week he suggested that Israel should be transferred to Europe. Now he was a little sparse on the details, so I'm not sure how that would work. Do you use blowtorches along the border to detach Israel from the rest of the Middle East, then have a series of tugboats tow the entire country across the Mediterranean?

Now he's denying that the holocaust even happened. I love that! I guess Auschwitz is just a cleverly constructed stage prop. Oh, and those old black & white films of starving Jews being liberated from the death camps? Probably concocted by Spielberg with special effects. I mean, have you seen the new King Kong? It's amazing what they can do on film nowadays!

Of course, I hope Israel doesn't go anywhere. The reality is that having a Jewish state in the Mideast is a good thing. It gives us Arab dictators something to bitch and moan about, and to use to fire up the masses! If we leaders didn't have Israel to blame for everything, our citizens might figure out that they live in absolute squalor and start blaming us for their problems!!