Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Why do people seem surprised that I am being so "defiant" at my trial? Well, what do they expect? Should I just roll over and play dead? Cry like a baby? Whimper a lot? Beg for mercy?

I can assure you none of that will happen.

Need I point out once again that the whole reason I was invaded was to find those weapons of mass destruction. And once it became apparent I didn't have any, didn't that render the invasion illegal? In the United States when someone is arrested for possessing cocaine, then is later found to not have any drugs, is he not released? Of course he is!! The authorities don't go digging into his background, and then charge him for hiding in the cheerleaders' lockeroom back in high school!

So then why am I being tried for a massacre that happened in 1991? That's not what the invasion was about.

Changing the rules halfway through a game hardly seems fair. After all, if the Chicago Bears are playing the Miami Dolphins in a football game, you never see the referee suddenly stop everything halfway through the third quarter, hand everyone a bat, and announce that the rest of the game will be played as baseball! But if that ever did happen, don't you think the coaches of each team would be just a bit "defiant?" Of course they would be! And the referee would be locked up for being a nutcase!!!