Saturday, April 08, 2006

Things in Iraq continue to deteriorate. Today, for example, suicide bombers hit a Shiite mosque, killing dozens of worshippers.

"So what, Saddam," I hear you saying. "There's nothing unusual about that. Suicide bombers are always blowing themselves up in Iraq nowadays." Well, yes, you silly infidel. That would normally be true, except these were not your regular run-of-the-mill suicide bombers. "What do you mean by that? Were they women? Children? So what? That's still not all that unexpected. And haven't you been wearing those same briefs for the last six months? Why don't you go put on a fresh pair, for Allah's sake!"

All legitimate points, dear readers. And as I said, these were not normal suicide bombers. These were TRANSVESTITE suicide bombers!!!! And when the cross dressers in a society start blowing themselves up, you know things are really, really, REALLY going to hell!

By the way.... If you ever question my lucky underwear again, I will track down your IP address, come over to your house, and personally attach electrodes to your testicles.