Saturday, April 26, 2003

A rlpekru asks, in regard to my Minister of Air Defenses Muzahim Sa'b Hassan, Didn't you fire him almost four weeks ago after his inability to defend Baghdad or any other part of Iraq from the infidels' air strikes?

No, Mr. ripekru, I did not. That is merely a rumor put out by the zionist controlled western media to make my government appear weak and in disarray. Besides, I do not fire cabinet ministers. They are appointed for life.... The length of which often depends on the kind of job they do.

In Mr. Hassan's case, he was merely following our ingenious war plan to lull our enemies into a false sense of complacency. Then, once that is achieved, we shall pounce and devour them whole, while they kick and scream on the way down our gullets.

We should be ready any day now.