Friday, April 04, 2003

So they've captured the airport. Big deal. I hate that place. The damn economy parking lots are almost all the way over in Egypt... Literally!!! Then you have to catch one of those open air cargo trucks packed with refugees and all their personal belongings just to get to the terminal building. Whoever designed that place should be shot. Or did I already do that?

And don't EVEN get me started on the airport cops! They are all a bunch of pricks. I remember one time I left my tank parked unattended in the white zone, and they towed it!! I wasn't inside even a minute!!

I tried explaining to the officer that I had just dropped off my cousin, Chemical Ali, who was catching a flight to North Korea on an important sales trip. But he accidentally left his nerve gas samples in the trunk, and I needed to catch up to him before he got on the plane. Sounded perfectly reasonable to me!

But the cop didn't want to hear it. Instead he handed me a ticket for 75,000,000 dinars and then had the audacity to tell me to have a nice day!!!

So then I had to catch a cab over to where my tank was. And of course, they've got 150 tanks there, all of which look the same in the dark. But we finally find mine, and now the tow truck driver tells me he wants 800,000,000,000.95 dinars for storage costs! What storage costs?!?!? He's had my tank for 15 minutes, and he wants storage costs?! So naturally I demand to speak to the manager, but they tell me he's not there. He's a political prisoner and is busy being tortured somewhere.

Anyway, I eventually got my tank back without having to pay any money, but I had to shoot 20 or 30 people to do it.

What a day that was!