Thursday, May 22, 2003

Well, well, well. Still no weapons of mass destruction, eh? Now the Central Infidel Agency has launched an investigation into whether they may have been given faulty intelligence about my having WMD's. Well, DUH!!! Who was their information source? Jaysen Blair?

I have maintained all along that I'm every bit as innocent of these heinous charges as O.J. was of his! Plus, all my gloves are accounted for!!!

I have maintained all along that I'm in compliance with all UN resolutions. But is anyone listening? No, of course not! They keep getting hung up on the fact that I've killed hundreds of thousands of my own citizens. Well, okay, yeah, sure I have! But what despot worth his weight in plundered riches hasn't? Does that make me a bad man? No, of course not! Besides, gassing 'em is the only way to make the dang Shiites shut up!!

The American trespassers are slowly learning that little lesson.