Monday, July 14, 2003

Here's something else that really boils the sand in my shorts: On several occasions now, Bush has bragged about how America has "recovered hundreds of millions of dollars looted from Iraq." Then he goes on to say that the money can be use to rebuild Iraq!

Huh? If he hadn't come in here in the first place and bombed the unholy crap out of us in the first place, there wouldn't be any need to rebuild Iraq in the first place, now would there?!

And what "looted" money? There was no looted money! I had it all the time!! It's my country, right? Well, then isn't it also MY money!? Therefor it isn't stealing!! Now if I went across the border to Turkey and robbed a bank in Istanbul, then THAT would be stealing. But for me to use Iraqi money, earned by Iraqis, is most definitely NOT stealing.

It's merely the creative shifting of funds from one account to another. Big American companies like Enron and Worldcom do that all the time. Why isn't Bush invading them?

Oh, right. They're campaign contributors.