Monday, July 28, 2003

You know what's really bugging me? It's been almost three weeks now since Bush gave gave Liberia's Charles Taylor 48 hours to get out of his country. Fair enough. Allah knows I've encountered that particular policy myself.

However, that deadline has now come and gone some ten times over. Not only is Taylor still in power, but Bush hasn't done anything about it!! No cruise missiles or 2000 pound JDAM's reducing his treetop thatch bunker to kindling!! On the other hand, when my 48 hours was up, I barely had time to change the sand in my shorts before the Tomahawks came a-knockin' on my bunker door. Now does that seem right to you? It better not, because it stinks to high heaven for me, and if you disagree, you and I are going to have to talk.

My point is merely that if you're going to go around giving every ruthless dictator and his family 48 hours to get out of town, you had better be prepared to enforce the deadline equally.

Otherwise, you might lose your credibility (pause for uproarious laughter here).

I'm sure Bush has his reasons for treating our cases differently. Personally, I think it's a racial thing. After all, one man's affirmitive action is another's reverse discrimination.