Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Remember when I was complaining about all the different editions of Star Wars that have come out over the years? Well, George Lucas isn't the only one who is after the contents of my genuine camel hide wallet. Now comes word that there is a new, "double-secret probation" edition of Animal House coming out! Of course, like all special editions, it has never before seen footage and remastered 5.1 digital dolby THX stereo crap.

Digital dolby, my ass. If you want realistic sound effects, try having a 1,000 pound JDAM bomb go off in the next room. Now THAT'S some kick-ass digital 5.1 whatever the hell.

And of course I'll have to buy it, because my existing copy will now be obsolete. Plus, Animal House IS one of my favorite movies. Reminds me of my wild college days at UIM (University of Iraq at Mosul).

I remember this wild toga party we had one night.... We got so totally wasted, we started firing rocket propelled grenades at the other frat houses. Then campus police showed up and told us to keep it down, and we ended up taking them hostage!

So the next day, the Dean finds out about all the shenanigans, and tries to suspend us. So what do we do? We blow up his office!!!

Ah, to be young again.....