Saturday, December 13, 2003

The Americans truly mystify me. They are being picked off on a daily basis, and one would think they would do anything to bring that under control. And some of their officers are certainly trying their best.

One in particular, a Lt. Col. Allen West, went as far as to discharge an weapon next to an Iraqi prisoner. Didn't actually shoot him, you understand, just wanted to scare him. And it worked, because the sniveling coward began talking about future plans for ambushes. So what happens? Instead of being awarded a medal for saving the lives of his men through innovative interrogation methods, West almost gets court-martialed. And though he avoided that fate, he is nonetheless being discharged from the army.

Now personally, I would have shot the prisoner. None of this scaring the guy. Nothing gets a man talking like the site of his own blood. But that's just me and my patented technique.

It's no wonder I'm winning in Iraq. And if the American military continues to tie the hands of its own personel with silly rules, I shall continue to do so.