Monday, March 29, 2004

I must admit to being somewhat confused by this whole business of freedom of the press. Personally, prior to this, er, "temporary imposed vacation" that I'm currently on, my philosophy was that if someone printed something I didn't like, I had them arrested, tortured, executed, and then--for good measure--tortured some more. And depending on my mood, sometimes I'd have them executed a second time. Followed by more torture and another execution. Generally speaking, this would only work for about four cycles because the body would start falling apart.

Then along comes the United States screaming about Democracy, freedom, and people being free to voice their opinions now that Saddam is gone. Very impressive talk indeed!

Ah, but so much for the theory. How's that whole "freedom of the press" thing working out in practice?

Well, apparently not too well. The other day US soldiers moved in and closed down a Shiite newspaper opposed to the new Constitution.

Hell, even I could have done that.