Sunday, March 21, 2004

I spent the afternoon afternoon being interrogated. The Americans really aren't very good at it. Why, they haven't tortured me even once!! You have to wonder where these guys learned to interview prisoners of war. Oh, wait, technically I'm NOT actually a POW; I'm a POUIIAO (Prisoner Of An Unjust Illegal Invasion And Occupation). So I spend of my "interrogation sessions" making paper airplanes. I've gotten quite good at it as I've refined my understanding of basic aerodynamic principles.

Anyway, I am starting to feel just a bit sorry for my captors. For example, today the CIA guy kept asking me who's responsible for all the car bombings in Baghdad lately. And as one of my airplanes bounced off his forehead, he began crying. Softly at first, then big loud sobs. Frankly, I was embarrassed for him. I hate to see a grown man cry.... Unless, of course, it's a Shiite weeping for his family.

So I told him it was Basque separatists.