Saturday, April 03, 2004

It's awfully nice of Colin Powell to finally admit that his information on those "mobile weapons labs" may have been wrong.

Gee, you think so, Colin?

If I might be so bold, I think it's time for him to come out and say what everyone else already knows: That the invasion itself was wrong!!!

I mean, let's face facts here: There are no facts, and there never were!! Oh, there were plenty of baseless allegations, but no actual facts!!!

This whole Iraq thing is the equivalent of say going into a doctor's office and complaining of headaches, seizures, and uncontrolled bowel movements. Then they x-ray your noggin. Then upon examination of the picture, which clearly shows the presence of a massive tumor pressing on your brain stem, they diagnose allergies to camel dander and amputate your leg.

Think about how you would feel if an incompetent medical team did all of the above to you, and maybe you'll begin to get an understanding of how I feel. That's why I'm going to hire myself one of those lawyers that are always advertising on TVl. I mean, those guys must be good if they're advertising on the boob tube, right?

Then I'm going to sue the Bush Administration for malpractice.